Citrus and small fruit calibrator

ISCANSORTER. World leader in electronic calibrators

To obtain the integrity and quality requirements of the fruits

Citrus fruits are fruits that, like all delicate fruits, require particular attention when handling them. To respond to the integrity and quality assurance requirements of citrus fruits, ISCAN has designed a range of calibrators equipped with color, diameter sensors, control of external and internal defects.


CLASSIFICATION Central to iSCAN’s citrus technology is our unique sorting technology. Your production and capacity requirements determine whether your warehouse requires 1-line, 2-line, or multiple-line calibrators. All of our sorting solutions can be specified with the innovative, industry-leading iSCAN citrus sorting systems to reduce labor requirements, while maintaining the highest level of consistency and accuracy.


WEIGHING Precision electronic weighing combined with ISCAN software offers unsurpassed accuracy for our customers, which means that the packaging specifications are met while incorrectly eliminated citruses are reduced and benefits are maximized.



Electronic system


(High Resolutions Defects​)

Detection of defects on the surface of fruits

Equipped with color and diameter and defect control sensors.

COLOR Consistent classification of citrus by colour, with the ability to define 16 different shades of colour.


SUFACE DEFECTS The quality and consistency of the classification of surface defects reduce labour and packaging costs. Successful classification of surface damage, texture, black stains and scars.


SIZE AND SHAPE Consistent classification of citrus by size and shape. The fruits are analyzed through multiple steps in order to ensure maximum accuracy.