Calibrator for delicate fruits

ISCANSORTER, World leader in electronic calibrators

The Solution to calibrate the different types of fruit and vegetable products

Electronic system


(High Resolutions Defects​)

Detection of defects on the surface of fruits


Fruit transport in soft rubber rullis step 76, 89, 102 o 114 mm.

Synchronized feeding with pre-aligning tape to V.

Númber of lines: 1 ó 2.

Maximum working speed: 12-15 fruits/seconds/line.

Speed control by inverter technoloy.

Delicate discharge of the calibrated fruit directly in the confectionery bench.

Load Cells inox of 5 kg with chrome guides.

Tele cameras for optical selection

Touch screen with simple interface to control the functions of the machine.




Developed for the needs of your project

Software features

– Reading of minimum, maximum or average weight, precision +/- l gr.

Optical reading by diameter, color, shape, volume and external quality.

– Possibility of calculating the weight through volume and specific weight.

Electrostatic control.

Self-determination of the speed once the working capacity is set.

Remote diagnosis via Ethernet connection.

– Flexible distribution to the outputs based on the weight of the fruits.

Work statics.

Base data management for lots, suppliers, etc.

– Integration with traceability systems.

The computer with the various electronic sensors, used in combination with each other, manages all the working parameters and the classification of the fruit. The software allows easy programming and rapid change of parameters also during work.